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With over 60 years of combined expertise in the Events and Meeting Planning industry, Planning Factory Bermuda has been a trusted Island resource since 2007. Bermuda companies turn to PFB for strategically designed, well-planned and perfectly executed corporate events and meetings. We know that each client and project is unique, from corporate culture, to business style, to budget. We listen to our clients and design each event or meeting based on defining corporate goals and objectives, often integrating the event into their corporate Marketing plan. We believe in spending EFFECTIVELY. Planning Factory Bermuda delivers Return on Event on every project we take on. Now, that’s effective!

Core Team

Kathryn Massa

President and CEO

Kathryn began her career in events on the “Client-side” of life. With over 15 years in the corporate Marketing and Event Management field, Kathryn decided to take her passion for delivering world class events and create a company that would “rock” Bermuda’s event world. A creative thinker, Kathryn enjoys the collaboration of the design process, and she provides additional logistical support to her team with her detail- oriented style. Kathryn’s experience in the Bermuda International Business community gives her a comprehensive understanding of the corporate client and their need to achieve goals and objectives when planning important events as part of their strategic marketing plans. It is this philosophy that sets Planning Factory apart and results in events designed to achieve targeted corporate goals through extraordinary experiences. An accountant by trade, Kathryn also works to provide the overall financial, administrative and daily operational management for the company.

Lindsay Barnett

Director Event Design & Production.

Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and a minor in Italian from Drexel University. She draws on her education in the industry, the diverse, stylish influences of city life as well as ongoing travel to develop event designs. Her thoughtful designs reflect the appreciation for the personal style of each client’s event, while incorporating cutting edge ideas in aspects of planning that range from cuisine to creating perfect mood enhancing event details. Lindsay is also proficient at Vivien, a 3-D CAD layout program that mimics all elements of a venue.

Cher L. Przelomski, CSEP, CTA

Founder & CEO, Planning Factory International; Vice President, Planning Factory Bermuda

Cher Przelomski is a visionary who has been bringing innovation and client education to the events industry since 1982. A founding member of the International Special Events Society, she led the initiative to establish ISES Certification, which remains the gold standard for professionalism in the industry. Cher pioneered the concept of designing event concepts to accomplish corporate goals, educating clients on the difference between a frivolous party and a corporate event that serves as a strong marketing tool. Planning Factory International and Planning Factory Bermuda are award-winning companies with a well-earned reputation for strategic solutions, signature environments and spend management. Her driving force is commitment to quality, service, education and building strong relationships.

Today, Planning Factory International is marking over 30 years as an industry leader and continues to grow. In 2008, Cher, Lindsay Barnett and their on-island partner opened Planning Factory Bermuda. The company is now the premier event marketing and management firm in Bermuda, serving such A-list clients as Bacardi, HSBC, the Fairmont properties, Ernst & Young, the National Museum of Bermuda and multiple insurance and reinsurance companies.

J’von Furbert

Technical Coordinator

J’Von has been working with Planning Factory Bermuda, in every facet imaginable, for years, learning the idiosyncrasies of the Special Events industry from the inside out.  J’Von received his BS from University of Toronto with a Major in Statistics and Minor in Math and Philosophy; his analytical, thoughtful, and creative solutions are reflected his agility to troubleshoot under pressure.  J’Von’s tastefully curated talent shines as he makes it his business to build you elegant experiences.

Mike Corday

Warehouse Manager

Mike strategically manages the Planning Factory Bermuda warehouse in compliance with company’s policies and vision. He oversees organising, repairing and maintenance operations of our inventory. His tireless efforts ensure that all of our warehouse products are in top shape for your next event!

Nelzina Taylor

Rentals Manager

Nelzina is the Rentals Manager for Planning Factory Bermuda. In this role, Nelzina looks after all aspects of the rental division, including inquiries, suggesting options, issuing rental requests and handling fulfillment, delivery and setup, if desired. “Zee” is integral to ensuring all clients’ rental needs are met with quality customer service, a friendly Bermudian smile and on-time delivery of goods and services.

Nelzina is no stranger to the Special Events industry, having most of her experience in customer service and event production, which taught her the importance of maintaining relationships and listening to clients. Zee knows that offering personalized and innovative ideas is a big part of building a rental plan designed to fulfill a specific vision.

Traveling inspires Zee’s creativity; she is passionate about gaining perspective through engaging in cultural experiences.  As Zee fulfills her aspiring goal to achieve an Event and Hospitality Management degree, she  contributing her own special style and creative visions to the PFB team. Her passion and creative eye for the Special Events industry reflects in her effort to assist in making your event as perfect as you have imagined them to be!


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