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We know that each client and project is different–from corporate culture to business style to budget. So we get to know our clients by listening first; then each event or meeting design is based on defining corporate goals and objectives, often integrating the event into their Marketing plan.   We deliver ROE—Return on Event on every project we take on.

Cher L. Przelomski, CSEP, CTA

Founder & CEO, Planning Factory International; Vice President, Planning Factory Bermuda

Cher Przelomski is a visionary who has been bringing innovation and client education to the events industry since 1982. A founding member of the International Special Events Society, she led the initiative to establish ISES Certification, which remains the gold standard for professionalism in the industry. Cher pioneered the concept of designing event concepts to accomplish corporate goals, educating clients on the difference between a frivolous party and a corporate event that serves as a strong marketing tool. Planning Factory International and Planning Factory Bermuda are award-winning companies with a well-earned reputation for strategic marketing solutions, Intelligent Designs and Production & Management. Her driving force is commitment to quality, service, education and building strong relationships. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary with The Pedro Project, in which Planning Factory International led the community in renovating an accessible home for a man rendered a paraplegic by a senseless act of violence. Through abundant energy and thoughtful planning, the $200,000 project was completed in six weeks with 100 percent of the work done on a volunteer basis. Cher also is the first non-banker ever to serve as president of board of The Money School (DFLI), a financial literacy organization that offers more than 400 free classes for disadvantaged individuals. Today, Planning Factory International is marking over 30 years as an industry leader and the business continues to grow. The company is a premier event marketing and management firm serving clients such as ; Barclay card USA, bai, Bayada Nurses, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, Capital One, Horizon, Bacardi, CityYear Philadelphia and Today Media.

Core Team

Tracie Henry

Experiential Event Planner/Producer.

Tracie is an extremely creative event designer with over 15 years experience in planning and brand development; she is adept at orchestrating the multiple facets of meetings, events conferences. Studying Textile Design at Philadelphia University helped Tracie become an avant garde designer who pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the status quo. She strives to embrace innovative and unconventional techniques to address each client’s goals and objectives to create unforgettable events.

Lindsay Barnett

Director Event Design & Production

With a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and a minor in Italian from Drexel University, Lindsay draws on her education in the industry, the diverse, stylish influences of city life as well as ongoing travel to develop event designs. Lindsay’s thoughtful designs reflect the appreciation for the personal style of each client’s event, while incorporating cutting edge ideas in aspects of planning that range from cuisine to creating perfect mood enhancing event details. Lindsay is also proficient at Vivien, a 3-D CAD layout program that mimics all elements of a venue.

Ed Przelomski

Art Director

Ed holds a BFA from West Chester University. His love of art runs the gammut from sculpture to prop design to butt sketches — YES you heard us right, butt sketches! A multi-talented artist, Planning Factory International is happy to claim him as our own.

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